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Stainless steel chain, which is mainly used in bottling, filling, heavy-duty industry, glass processing and forest industries, has started to be produced in America in 1938. At the end of the 70's, with the development of technical plastics, stainless chains were replaced by plastic chains and modular belts.

Due to the lack of product knowledge of the designers and the blindness of the people who prepare the specifications, stainless steel chain is perceived as the solution to all problems for the vast majority of the engineers. However, ALHAN® plastic chains and ALHAN® modular belts are technically and commercially superior to old technology stainless chains.

Don't you think that the reason why we use 950 kgs. and safer vehicles today is the development of technical plastics and molding technology? Do you prefer the heavy one or the light one?

As the stainless bands are not heavy and resistant to friction, they wear out quickly. After a while, each part of it becomes thinner like a razor blade. ALHAN® plastic chains, on the other hand, are lighter and resistant to friction, so they do not wear easily and do not eat their own bedding material. Because wear is not one-sided. Stainless chains have limited resistance to various chemicals and solutions. It will rust eventually. ALHAN® plastic chains are resistant to various chemicals and solutions thanks to their hydro-carbon structure.

The stainless chain does not break while working. This, in case of danger, causes the transmission to continue and the drive group to be damaged. ALHAN® plastic chain and ALHAN® modular belts, on the other hand, break due to a certain safety factor due to their nature. The system stops with minimal damage. This is the insurance of the system. Contrary to popular belief, the tensile strength of stainless steel chain is lower than ALHAN® plastic chain and ALHAN® modular belt.

Stainless product is not stable like irrigated steel materials. So it wears out quickly. ALHAN® plastic chains and ALHAN® modular belts are stable materials. They do not wear off quickly.

Stainless steel chain consumes high energy while moving due to it's structure. The plastic product is very light and slippery. Continuous drive is provided with small forces. Therefore, ALHAN® plastic chains and ALHAN® modular belts are a product group focused on savings and maintenance friendly.