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Machine feet with plastic bases are being produced from M8 to M24 by ALHAN®. The base material stands as reinforced polyamide and is designed for static load. If the beneath the base is stable, then it is durable for dynamic load as well.

The rubber beneath the base prevent the vibration and hold steady the spindle. That is why we call it anti-vibration rubber. (AV)

Basically, there are 2 types of machine feet.

The first type of feet are being produced as machinary production. It is highly durable and the resistance of this model is quite high. Besides, it is not broken easily.

The second type is the one with the plastic bases. It is generally preferred in the heavy duty machinaries, machine tools,press machines, and so on. All the plastic bases are produced from the best raw material.

As ALHAN®, we are also producing the profile guides for the machine feet as square and round model. The correct way to mount the machine foot to the machine is to use the profile guides but not welding. Because, after welding process the leveler cannot be worked properly. It may be broken as well, and this will cause both waste of time and Money. According to the researches, the profile guides improve the endurance capacity of the feet four times than welded.